By Aimee Chanthadavong

Always best known for its fresh baked goods Foodco Group’s Muffin Break is expanding out and has introduced a made-to-order menu.

The new menu features a myriad of breakfast, lunch and all-day classic meal options including pancakes, salmon cakes, fresh wraps and all-day classics like baked scones and savoury pastries.

Muffin Break national brand manager John Macphail said the made-to-order menu aligns with the Muffin Break strategy of brand reinvigoration launched last year by the Foodco Group.

“The introduction of the Muffin Break Made-To-Order menu highlights the fact that today’s Muffin Break offers far more than just muffins and coffee,” he said.

“In-keeping with our modernised brand identity and the freshly-baked on-site daily model that is a Muffin Break staple for success, the new Made-To-Order menu is one way our brand continues to compete in the face of existing and new competitors entering our niche.

“Simply put, the Muffin Break commitment to quality and freshness now extends to a greater product range via the Made-To-Order menu which ultimately, better positions Muffin Break to take a greater share of today’s highly-competitive food-retail market.”

The new menu was launched at two new Queensland-based cafes – Muffin Break Gladstone and Muffin Break Toombul in Nundah. It will also soon be introduced to Muffin Break Burleigh in Queensland. The menu will eventually be rolled-out at new Muffin Break bakery-cafés across the country.

“The new Made-To-Order menu complements our revamped café design which features a spacious layout, visible kitchen areas and comfortable seating for our customers to sit-back and enjoy a premium-quality gourmet meal they can see has been made fresh on-site,” Macphail said.

“Foodco-commissioned research indicates that today’s typical Muffin Break customer wants gourmet fresh food in addition to the products she has traditionally relied on Muffin Break to provide. As a brand, Muffin Break is pleased to be in such a strong position that we’re able to cater to the calls of the market.”