The Fair Imports Alliance (FIA) has expressed its disappointment in the Productivity Commission’s lack of consideration that the retail industry requires more governmental guidance.

In its response to the PC’s draft report into the retail industry, the FIA highlights that the government needs to establish a minister to be responsible for the retail sector, particularly given the key role it plays in the Australian economy.

 “The FIA notes the PC’s acknowledgment of the retail sector’s role in the economy, as generator of economic wealth and as an employer and is disappointed that the PC did not recommend that this deserves a greater central policy focus by Government,” the report said.

At the same time, the FIA said the PC did not give greater consideration to its recommendation to reduce Custom’s duties or bring forward proposed tariff reductions, such as reducing the $1000 GST-threshold down to equal the playfield for local retailers.

The FIA believe that reducing taxes, duties and tariffs imposed on imports would help Australian wholesale distributors, suppliers and retailers reduce the costs of imports from their place of manufacturer and allow sales to Australian consumers be a cheaper.

“The imposition of unnecessary duties and outdated tariffs should be removed and proposed reductions in tariffs should be brought forward,” the FIA said.