The Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA) Melbourne Gift Fair is encouraging Australian buyers to consider stocking eco-friendly products by featuring several sustainability-led wholesalers at its event this August.

In addition, there will be a Business & Breakfast session on how businesses can most effectively embrace sustainability, particularly around new regulations in packaging. 

Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps founder, Freyja Tasci has built a loyal community of #zerowasteheroes by placing sustainability at the forefront. Now with products stocked in 700+ stores across Australia, Tasci emphasises that taking small steps towards reusable and eco-friendly products can have a large impact on the contribution to waste in the nation. 

“Looking over the statistics on how much waste we create per person in Australia is discouraging. As an educated and progressive nation, we have the capacity to make that an embarrassing little side note in history books,” she said.

“Sustainable products offer the individual a way to act immediately. We might not be able to change Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels today, but we can switch to zero waste lunch boxes easily, right here and now.”

Photo credit: Andrea Jacob Photography.

Tasci is exhibiting as part of the Australian Made Pavilion at the 2023 AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair, where 21 local manufacturers with products of Australian Made status will exhibit their products including candles, fragrances, skincare, kitchen items, and toys.

Despite reusable products being more expensive to produce, in some instances, and less likely to need replacing regularly, Tasci encourages retailers to recognise that the products they carry reflect on their brand. 

“When we buy a gift for a friend, something for our home or a feature item, we want something more meaningful. Retailers, along with us manufacturers have an opportunity to curate a range that reflects our client’s values on meaningful levels,” she explained.

It’s vital for retailers to make sure they are stocking the right products and marketing them in the right way, according to National Retail Association (NRA) communications manager, Bonnie Marshall, who will be presenting a Business & Breakfast session for Gift Fair attendees on sustainability topics.

“Consumers are looking for more sustainable practices – we know there is a big push on saving energy and emissions. But retailers need to make sure they are putting best practices in place and engaging with experts when making those big business decisions,” she said. 

“When retailers are purchasing, they should avoid things that make claims that they can’t substantiate. For example, claiming they are biodegradable or compostable if you can’t prove that. Make sure you’re considering contamination, complying with state and territory laws and packaging standards, and also looking where you can save money and stock.”

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