Husband and wife design duo Nathan and Sasha White of Mr & Mrs White boast a unique success story which saw their individual creative talents, of boat building and graphic design, merge into a successful interior design business. Starting out, the couple worked within the confines of their home, forcing them to master organisation and create a space dedicated to facilitating their very best work, without distractions.

To help other Australians enjoy the benefits of a functional and inspiring workspace, Nathan and Sasha have partnered with Officeworks to share their tips for creating an organised, productive and stylish office.

1. Have a place for everything

Things get busy in the office, so when we don’t have time to file straight away, in – trays and order form files help keep the chaos controlled. We also love having a few pencil holders at different locations in the office, making it a lot easier to keep things decluttered and accessible!

2. Keep the kids happy

We bring our kids into work a lot, so a huge aspect of us remaining organised and getting work done is having a designated area for them to have fun and keep busy. We always have plenty of markers and drawing pads on hand to do just that!

3. Mr White's little black book

There are two things Nathan can’t live without; his black hat and his trusty little black book. It’s filled with drawings, designs and quotes. No matter where he goes or what idea comes into his mind, the little black book allows him to jot it down. While we embrace the latest tech, there’s still something romantic about the traditional pen and paper.

4. Stock up

Online orders make up a large portion of our business. I always have plenty of courier bags, packing labels, white shipping boxes, packing tape and brown wrapping on hand. Packaging orders can be time consuming but having all the right equipment in a designated area makes the whole process so much smoother. I love how all these items are simple and understated so I can add our own branding and personal little touches to it.

5. Peace of mind

We produce work across several devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops), so it’s important to know that we’re covered if anything gets lost. The 'Cloud storage’ back up system is great, as it automatically backs up all of our devices, no matter where we are.