By Aimee Chanthadavong

Sister brand of Victoria Secret, La Senza is expanding its retail footprint with the opening of its 13th Australian store in Westfield Sydney.

Emulating the same design elements of it other stores, aside from small additions such as neon lighting in its shop window, this La Senza store is one of a few stores that are expected to open this year.

Speaking to RetailBiz, Rachel Underwood, La Senza said the company aims to open 20 to 25 stores by the end of this calendar year and continues to experience positive results despite the slow down in the retail industry.

“Our goal was to have a CBD location and the fact that Westfield Sydney represents an international label space it’s really key for us. Also, with over 700 stores globally  it was necessary to make the public aware that we’re a much bigger company and an expert in creating a global brand,” she said.

As an aim to bring in more customers in a sensitive retail period, the company has relied on one-on-one marketing. For example, during May, the company ran a competition to have its four brand ambassadors drive along the country’s east coast for four weeks handing out promotional items.

“It’s important to us that we engage with our customers on a personal level rather than have them engage with the brand through a billboard. Engaging one-on-one meat we took the time to personally speak to them and make them brand aware,” Underwood said.

La Senza has also relied heavily on social media for its success in further reaching out to its customers who are “aspiring 23-year-olds”.