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How your weekly shop can support Aussies in need

Hunger in Australia will be put front and centre with grocery shoppers this month with Foodbank again holding its national Food Fight campaign to raise food for people in need.
Iconic Australian food brands SPC, Ardmona, Helga’s, Vetta, Devondale, Primo, Sanitarium, Nescafe, Flora, Continental and Mount Franklin have each committed to providing a food or beverage donation when nominated Food Fight products are bought at Woolworths supermarkets during August. In its first year last year, seven million serves of food were donated.
Hunger is a hidden crisis in Australia which one in six people experience at some point every year. Half of these, or two million Australians, seek food relief from a charity or community group, and a third of those seeking food relief are children.
Each month Foodbank provides food for over half a million people, but 43,000 of those seeking help are turned away empty handed because there is not enough for everyone. CEO Brianna Casey believes we can do more to make sure no one will go hungry.
“As Australians we subscribe to the belief of a fair go for all and at Foodbank we think that means being free from hunger,” she says. “We can, and must, set our sights on achieving this goal.
“The Food Fight campaign provides us with an opportunity to raise awareness of the issue of hunger in Australia at the same time as securing additional food donations and providing our generous industry partners with much-deserved acknowledgement for their year-round support.”
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