The Coffee Club has partnered with leading provider of experience intelligence, InMoment to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the customer experience which has led to a 20-point increase in its Net Promoter Score (NPS) in just 12 months.

Stephen Hazard chief operating officer of Minor DKL, parent company of The Coffee Club, told Retailbiz partnering with InMoment meant moving from fragmented and unreliable customer data across many channels to unified and genuine intelligence on feedback, complaint tracking and social media and how this could inform changes to the business.

“By leveraging InMoment’s platform, we can understand the entire ecosystem of experience for not only our customers but our employees too,” Hazard said. “We have seen strong support from our management team, we conduct weekly feedback reviews and we can address team member issues more effectively.”

The Coffee Club franchisers and employees across various locations can now be informed of day-to-day needs and long-term improvements. For example, case management, identifying approximately 30 at-risk customers each month. Franchise partners also have greater access to feedback, enabling them to be more proactive with customers and resolve issues faster than before.

“Our customer feedback has enabled us to respond to pain points such as the poor quality of our tea, or key trends such as the plastic movement – introducing paper straws instead of using plastic straws. Feedback also has the power to influence our product development including new menu innovation.”

The Coffee Club now also has access to an AI engine to perform text analytics on datasets and optimise keywords to improve its capabilities. Team members can instantly view NPS as well as evaluate customer comments with a live and interactive dashboard.

“Since partnering with InMoment, our dissatisfaction levels have dropped to their lowest since the business started in 1989 with customer feedback more frequent and improving our ability to identify customer satisfaction factors.”

InMoment also offers a social media scraping tool which means social media is ingested directly into the platform.