Cold Rock has added another store to its portfolio with Cold Rock Express set to open within an existing Video Ezy store in Dalby, Queensland.

This follows a number of other co-branded stores within the Cold Rock portfolio with both Video Ezy and Souvlaki Hut.

According to Cold Rock Creamery CEO Stan Gordon said the co-branded store model offers a way to present multiple complimentary brands and products to a single customer group with a myriad of benefits for all involved.

“In this case the customer base is similar and the products are complimentary, presenting the customer an added reason to visit the store,” he said.

“From the Cold Rock perspective, the brand is going into new locations that already attract steady foot traffic; ultimately any customer who walks into the store is a potential customer for Cold Rock. We like to think of it as a head start for our brand; being able to tap into an established customer base and a captive audience.”

Gordon also said in order for a well-established franchise business to grow, adopting a co-branding strategy was a logical step.

The manager of the new Cold Rock Express at Dalby, Mark Collier, said the real winners are the customers who will be able grab a dessert and movie at the same time.

“With anything you do in a business, there are real benefits, considerations and drawbacks, but we’re really confident our brands are suitably aligned. By adding another revenue stream to our existing business almost no overheads like rent and staff, our offering will ensure fantastic payback,” he said.