The redevelopment of Brisbane’s Queen’s Wharf with an integrated resort, casino and entertainment precinct will create significant retail opportunities, The National Retail Association (NRA) says.

NRA CEO Trevor Evans says the integrated resort, casino and entertainment precinct will be a win-win for retailers and consumers alike.

“The project will transform Brisbane’s CBD, bringing with it a substantial boost to the city’s tourism and retail sectors and creating more Aussie jobs.

“Echo Entertainment’s development will provide a diverse range of opportunities, creating thousands of jobs in all areas of the retail sector – from hospitality to customer service to management positions.”

Evans says the expected $1.69 billion increase to tourism annually will also give existing retailers a boost.

“Once these new retail spaces are created, they will attract more customers to Brisbane’s city centre than ever before.

“Brisbane City is rapidly growing and the retail landscape needs to be able to meet the ever-increasing demand. We’re pleased to see the Queensland Government taking its commitment to Brisbane’s retail sector seriously.”