The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has made a submission to the federal government that addresses the skill shortages which have been identified in the Australian retail sector.

Some of the key points outlined in ARA Federal Budget & Election skills submission 2013 that the ArA would like to see the federal government to commit to included maintaining funds for apprencticeship/traisnheep support, reviewing the funding model for training delivery across all states and the reinstatement of Certificat II incentives, which will ensure training is delivered at the level required by the retail industry.

ARA executive director Russell Zimmerman said the submission was crucial the ARA has identified a series of skills shortages within the retail services sector from basic needs to those in management level.

“The ARA is calling on the Government and alternative governments to recognise the existence of skills shortages, a lack of opportunities to up-skill, and struggle to find the right skill sets for traineeships and management positions; as well as acknowledge the solution, which is to focus resources on retail skills,” he said.

“The ARA is looking forward to working with government at all levels on the need for retail skills reform in order to remain globally competitive and achieve industry growth.”