Aldi has completed the reformulation of its exclusive branded food items which are now free of artificial food colours.
Tom Daunt, Aldi’s managing director corporate buying, said the company proactively removed the artificial food colours because it was the right thing to do.
“We worked very closely with our suppliers to remove all artificial food colours used in Australian food manufacturing to provide consumers with peace of mind, particularly parents who are constantly on the lookout for natural alternatives,” he said.
“The artificial food colours were either replaced with natural substitutes or nothing at all and the reformulated products are of the same high quality and taste our customers have become accustomed to.”
Aldi initiated the reformulation following a study by researchers at the University of Southampton, which demonstrated increased levels of hyperactivity in young children consuming some artificial food colours.
“Our responsibility to customers is linked intrinsically to the health and nutrition of all our products and we are constantly reviewing our range to improve the nutritional content,” said Daunt.