Aldi has become the first Australian supermarket to remove artificial food colouring from its entire range of exclusive brands and branded food items.

Stefan Kopp, Aldi managing director – buying, said this initiative was to help put parentss minds at ease.

 “Parents can have complete confidence that no matter what food product they purchase at Aldi, it is free of artificial colours, providing better choice for the health of their children,” he said.

Artificial food colours are liquids or powders added to foods or beverages to enhance the colour and appearance. Research shows that artificial colours may cause hyperactivity, allergic reactions and migraines and they have been linked to stomach upsets and swelling of skin.

“We have worked closely with our suppliers in both our exclusive brand lines and branded items by reformulating and removing all artificial food colourings and substituting them with natural alternatives where necessary, or nothing at all,” Kopp said.