With growing expectations for real-time communication, ongoing and personalised communication on messaging apps and social media, Zendesk has rolled out new Support and Sales Suites to help build positive and long-term relationships by enabling teams to instantly connect with customers and have natural conversations across all touchpoints.

Zendesk founder, CEO and chairman, Mikkel Svane said high expectations change how businesses think about providing a modern customer experience. “With our new Support and Sales Suites, we are allowing companies to take a conversational approach to customer experience, regardless of channel.”

Since launching in 2018, the Zendesk Support Suite has empowered companies to connect with their customers on their channel of choice. The expanded Suite now features new channels through social messaging services and an improved omnichannel agent experience.

The new Support Suite also allows businesses to see one comprehensive view of the latest conversations for service agents and customers to have easy interactions. The agent workspace adapts to provide agents with the relevant context and tools whether the customer calls, emails or messages, allowing them to continue the conversation on the preferred channel.

Zendesk’s recently launched conversational business platform, Sunshine Conversations now includes emerging social messaging channels including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter direct messages, WeChat and LINE from one unified agent workspace, to seamlessly engage with customers and manage conversations. Agents can also view live notifications to stay on top of conversations in real-time as well as autoresponders for an immediate response if an agent is not available.

The new Zendesk Sales Suite is a solution designed for sales representatives to unite browsing, prospecting and purchasing experiences. The fully integrated solution automatically tracks all sales-related activities to provide context and insight needed to close sales deals.

Zendesk president of products, Adrian McDermott said, “The way customers buy has changed, and it is time for our sales process to change along with it. We thoughtfully paired these core sales tools to remove the difficulties of traditional sales software and create an easy yet powerful solution.”