Human resources technology company, Xref Limited, has launched Xref Lite – delivering the core functionality and capability of the existing Xref platform but in a self-service, single-user format. Xref is an online reference checking software that delivers detailed feedback reports to assist hiring decisions by prospective employers.

Xref Lite is an on-demand solution, allowing a one-day customer journey, whereby a user can search for a solution, find Xref, create an account, use a free credit and then buy credits for future use and change company references, all within the same day.

An aggressive go-to-market strategy is in place for Xref Lite, which will include leveraging integration partners to use the Lite product as an introduction to Xref, adopting marketing activities to drive leads across current and new regions, and using the product as a method for reintroducing Xref to those that have previously come in contact with the platform, as a referee, customer or prospect.

Xref operates on a credit-based business model, where one credit accounts for the references required for each candidate.

First-time users of Xref Lite will be allocated one free credit, before being prompted to top-up their account using a simple, online payment process. Xref Lite credit packs are offered at a fixed price of $60 per credit and a minimum of five credits can be bought at any time.

Other key features of the Xref platform include ISO 27001 certification validating platform security globally, 24/7 support from a local and expert team, unusual activity detection now available in a self-serve version on a user’s dashboard, multi-language capabilities, regional data storage and real-time template development using questions that are compliant, relevant and optimised for the role.

Xref CEO and executive director, Lee-Martin Seymour said, “We are in a demand-driven economy and we want the opportunities that we have at the touch of a button outside of work to be echoed in our professional lives.

“When we introduced Xref in 2010, we were almost five years ahead of the industry. We’ve been on a journey with the professionals that now couldn’t live without Xref and have continued to develop the platform to ensure it meets the evolving needs of a demand economy, globally.

“People are no longer questioning the value of reference checking, they recognise that it is the only way to verify the claims of a candidate during recruitment. We’re now offering a solution that leaves no room for excuses. Anyone can do a robust and reliable check. in seconds, wherever they are and whoever they’re hiring.

We currently have 6,500 users benefitting from Xref globally and we are focussed on crossing the 10,000 user mark. Xref Lite opens up a major window of opportunity for us to do so more quickly, with ease of access and use for anyone recruiting in any sector, globally.”