Just in time for the holiday rush, leading footwear and apparel retailer Platypus has opened a brand-new superstore in Melbourne Central.

The ‘superstore’ concept store will feature live music performances from a custom DJ station including a state of the art 12-speaker sound system and digital screens.

A Sneaker Invaders arcade game and vending machine with bespoke gifts with purchases will also be part of the mega-store.

Accent Group CEO Daniel Agostinelli told Retailbiz that the launch of the store reaffirms the brand’s commitment to creating meaningful customer interactions.

“It’s going to allow us to have much more engagement and innovation towards how service our customers,” he said.

“These days unless you’re prepared to ensure customers are engaged with you and the experience is memorable you’ve got  a real problem in terms of being in business long-term.”


Mr Agostinelli said that the store, which is now their biggest footprint store at 600 square metres, is all part of the retailer’s bid to innovate the retail experience for shoppers.

“It’s a much bigger  footprint allowing us to showcase more products and brands than ever before leading to customers simply having a better experience within the store together with features like a real DJ area.”

The concept store will also feature a mobile POS system, enabling shoppers to checkout anywhere in the store.

“It will provide a quicker experience for shoppers when they transact with us, so sales can be processed on the shop floor instead of counter. We’re calling it a jump queue innovation.”

The sneaker retailer says that the concept store will inform the development of other ‘superstores’ in different locations.

“As we continue our retail expansion, we will use the Melbourne Central superstore as a blueprint fore retail concepts across Australia in the coming years,” Mr Agostinelli said.