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Retailers warned to watch out for thieving staff and customers

Shoplifting has overtaken employee theft as the main cause of the $2,413 million black-hole of retail shrinkage, according to Euromonitor International's Global Retail Theft Barometer for 2012-2013.

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OP/ED: The complexity of security in a distributed retail environment

To remain competitive, retailers need to invest in IT systems that will help retain and nurture customer and brand loyalty, as well as increase sales while simultaneously reduce operating costs.

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Top tips for avoiding retail theft in the lead up to Christmas

As retailers start to prepare for more sales and more customer activity in the lead up to Christmas, they are also being warned to be vigilant against shoplifting.

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Visa launches VisaSecuritySense to educate retailers on online security

Visa has launched a website aimed to help educate consumers and retailers about the different types of fraud that exist and how to avoid them.

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How retail security can affect your brand

The definition of retail security has changed over the years. Websense's Gerry Tucker speaks with RetailBiz on what retailers need to look out for the next time they think about protecting themselves.

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Shrinking continues to grow, report says

Shoplifting by dishonest customers or retail employees is the cause of more than 78 per cent of shrinkage, a new report has revealed.

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Vitag launches online security store

Loss prevention company Vitag has launched an online store to provide discount retail security products to Australian retailers.

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Maccas gets high tech security

Six McDonald's restaurants in NSW have installed a robbery prevention system to catch burglars in the act via an invisible DNA spray.

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Retailers struggle to meet PCI standards

For the second year, a Verizon report has found that too many retailers that are struggling to comply with payment card security standards, putting consumer's confidential information at risk.

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Getting inside the mind of the customer

When you understand the way your customers think, you can better understand the way they shop and then easily adapt your store to facilite their needs.

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Stealing from the inside

Research commission by ADT Security has revealed almost half of small business employees admit they or their colleagues provide discount or freebies to friends and family.

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Online threats to target small businesses

Also named on the list of the top five greatest threats for 2011 were mobile devices, social search, applications and the cloud.

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Survey: retailers suffer from crime

Pure Profile, on behalf of ADT Security, surveyed 500 Australian small business owners during June to July 2010 and found that a majority suffer financially as a result of crime.

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Security boost for Moreton Bay's retailers

Moreton Bay Regional Council has contracted with Link Security Group to deploy an extensive wireless IP video surveillance network to areas that encompass retail businessess.

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Good relationships key to public safety

Places of mass gathering, such as shopping centres, can be attractive targets for all levels of crime.

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Expo to address retail security

More than eighty companies have already secured their place at Security 2010, including Bosch Security Systems, Hills Industries, Motorola and Sony.

Posted Tue 24/08/2010 12:00:00 / Read More »

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