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Cyber threats to increase in 2014, McAfee predicts

As the usage of PCs, tablets and smartphones become more prominent it is predicted that the cyber threats businesses face are expected to become more complex, according to McAfee.

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Christmas cheer gets a head start online

There is just over a month to go before Christmas Day and the Christmas shopping rush has already started - online. But there are still plenty of that retailers need to consider.

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PayPal extends merchant protection with Seller Protection policy

PayPal's Seller Protection, which is already available to eBay merchants and a number of markets overseas, will be expanding to Asia Pacific, including Australia, on 11 October 2013.

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Visa launches VisaSecuritySense to educate retailers on online security

Visa has launched a website aimed to help educate consumers and retailers about the different types of fraud that exist and how to avoid them.

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How retail security can affect your brand

The definition of retail security has changed over the years. Websense's Gerry Tucker speaks with RetailBiz on what retailers need to look out for the next time they think about protecting themselves.

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Australians lose $93M to scams

Ninety-three million dollars was reported lost by Australians last year, according to the Australian Competition Consumer Commission's newly launched Targeting Scams report.

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More online fraud attempts with AV

When it comes to online scams the AV space is vulnerable, reckons Appliances Online general manager, Peter Harris.

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Tech-savvy Aussies not treading carefully enough

New research has surprisingly shown it’s tech-savvy Australians who increasingly complacent when it comes to cyber security.

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Watch out: Ransomware about

Cyber criminals are threatening online users to pay up.

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Protecting shoppers this Christmas

A third of Australians have fallen victim to an online scam or know someone who has, according to a study released by McAfee.

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Securing the digital retail realm

The benefits associated with new digital channels are numerous for retailers and consumers alike. However, with these benefits comes heightened risk Archie Reed from Hewlett Packard explains

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Breach-proof business

It is important for retailers to remain vigilant when it comes to online security, particularly at a time when e-commerce is at its peak.

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Keeping retail real in Australia

The AIIA is hosting an event on online security that will feature Telstra Business Solutions, Sensis, Australia Post, Deloitte, The Australian Centre for Retail Studies and The Australian Retailers Association.

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AVG's tips on staying safe online

Internet security company AVG has warned retailers about the growing security threats in the online retailing space and offered some tips to help stay protected.

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Vitag launches online security store

Loss prevention company Vitag has launched an online store to provide discount retail security products to Australian retailers.

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Secure payments on DealsDirect has implemented TNSPay gateway from TNS to improve its security and customer experience.

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Smart shopping online

A survey found that despite 75 per cent of Australians are concerned about the information they share online, almost 50 per cent admit to not knowing how many websites hold their personal details.

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Lush's website hijacked

The site has been completely pulled with a message advising customers to "urgently" contact their banks and cancel their credit cards if they have place an online order with Lush Australia and New Zealand.

Posted Tue 15/02/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

PayPal, Crime Stoppers to beat cyber crime

PayPal and Crime Stoppers have partnered up to educate online shoppers about how to stay safe when conducting transactions online.

Posted Wed 09/02/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

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