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How e-ready are Aussie retailers?

It appears that Australia’s take up of multi-channel retailing is slow, with only approximately half of them currently offering some form of online sales capabilities, according to a study by Frost & Sullivan.

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Profits slip, strategy plan continues: Myer

Myer continues to make good progress adapting itself to the changing retail environment but it hasn't been enough to help the company's half-year earnings where NPAT was down 19.8 per cent.

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Virtual window shopping at The Co-op

To keep up with the times, as well as to keep disgruntled university students at bay, The Co-op Bookshop has launched its 'window shop' experience.

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Australia, a reluctant multi-channel bride?

There is a sense of widespread reluctance amongst Australian retailers to wed themselves to multi-channel retailing. Kees de Vos discusses why and what they can do to become a blushing multi-channel bride.

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Technology help from the outside

As more retailers recognise the need to invest in multi-channel platforms, Roy Rubin, Magneto CEO said the best way to go about dealing with it is to seek help from from an external company.

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David Jones signs IBM to multi-channel strategy

As part of this new partnership, IBM will develop an develop an end-to-end multi-channel e-commerce platform for the department store retailer across its physical stores, its online stores and mobile devices.

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DJs creates new role as board director retires

David Jones has appointed Antony Karp to the newly created role of group executive retail services while Reg Clairs retires one of the company's non-executive directors.

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All eyes on Lorna Jane

Activewear retailer Lorna Jane has paired up with digital signage company Five Faces to debut an in-store Facebook initiative, known as SocialEyes.

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Getting serious about mCommerce, social media

Bricks and mortar retailers gathered for the final Engage in E-tail, jointly hosted by ARA and ASGA in partnership with PayPal to learn about mCommerce and social media.

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Smartphone usage drives mutlichannel strategy

An ACRS report suggests that retailers who engage consumers effectively across multiple channels including new technologies will earn a greater share of their customer’s wallet.

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Carpet Court launches new site

Carpet Court is meeting the demands of its customers who are looking online for inspiration and advice with the launch of its new look website,

Posted Mon 26/09/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

DJs sees future in multi-channelling

CEO Paul Zahra said the company experienced challenging trading conditions in a period where consumer confidence is low and in order to over come this, it will continue its multi-channel strategy to drive sales.

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Myer benefits from multi-channelling

The department store reported a net profit after tax result of $162.7 million. Meanwhile, sales were down 3.8 per cent to $3.16 million and on a like-for-like basis it was down 5.5 per cent.

Posted Mon 19/09/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

Buying cycle begins online

The way consumers are conducting their pre-purchase research is impacting on the way traditional retailers operate, a new study has revealed.

Posted Thu 08/09/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

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