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ACCC slaps Scoopon with $1M fine for misleading businesses, consumers

Group buying website Scoopon has been ordered by the Federal Court to pay penalties of $1 million for false or misleading representations to both businesses and consumers.

Posted Wed 18/12/2013 12:00:00 / Read More » owner buys ninemsn's Cudo

The owners of group buying sites and are adding to their portfolio by buying Cudo from Microsoft and Mi9.

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Group buying market remains steady

Despite overall weakness in the retail market, the Australian group market remains strong generating $115 million Q1 2013.

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Flipping the deal for businesses

In order to ensure businesses are not getting ripped off by daily deal sites, a pair of Sydney entrepreneurs have launched dealflip, a platform that allows business owners to find and compare the best quotes and commissions to run a deal.

Posted Mon 17/09/2012 12:00:00 / Read More »

Group buying reviews on GROOBI

Customers can now get a 'leg up' into what deals they should buy and where with the launch of, a site dedicated to enable customers to review and share their experiences based on customer service, value and quality.

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Group buying market stabilises

The group buying market has begun to stabilise following two quarters of revenue decline, according to analyst firm Telsyte.

Posted Tue 04/09/2012 12:00:00 / Read More »

Groupon expands mobile offering

Already available on iPhone, the Groupon app can now be added to the Nokia Symbian, Adnroid and Windows 7 smartphones.

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Australians love bagging a bargain

The growth of Australia's online retail industry is being driven by customers looking for a bargain and retailers are catering to this trend, according to Telsyte.

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Group buying market to exceed $600M in 2012

The group buying industry continues to grow as the industry as generated half a billion dollar since commencing in 2010 with some 5,000 deals published and an average of 1 million vouchers sold each month.

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ASGA calls for group buying regulations

After receiving complaints from retailers and consumers, the Australian Sporting Goods Association has called for a stricter compliance regime to be established for group buying sites.

Posted Wed 14/12/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

Code of conduct for group buying industry

The Australian Group Buying Code of Conduct has been jointly released by the Australian Direct Marketing Association and the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association.

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Group buying market continues growth

The group buying market grew from $123.9 million in the 2011 second quarter to $158.5 million in 2011 third quarter representing a quarter-on-quarter increase of 28 per cent.

Posted Tue 25/10/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

Businesses say yes to group buying

Telsyte's research showed 95 per cent of businesses who have sold products through group buying sites were happy with their promotion.

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Group buying aggregators launch

The exponential growth in the group buying market, which is expected to exceed $400 million, has created the need for aggregates.

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Group buying market grows 72%

The market grew from $71.8 million in the first quart of 2011 to $123.9 million in the second quarter of 2011, according to a study from Telsyte.

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LivingSocial for families

LivingSocial Families is a site that is dedicated to offering the same huge discounts on activities best suited for families such as dance classes, day trips and art classes.

Posted Mon 11/07/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

Group buying sites launch code of conduct

Group buying sites Cudo and Spreets have teamed up, releasing the framework for a voluntary Code of Conduct for the Australian group buying industry.

Posted Fri 10/06/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

Stardeals extends deal offerring to Perth

Stardeals began operating in Australia on February 14, first offering deals in Sydney, shortly followed by Melbourne and Brisbane.

Posted Fri 03/06/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

CatchOfTheDay scoops up $80M deal

CatchOfTheDay has sealed a deal with Tiger Global Management, James Packer's Consolidated Press Holdings, Andrew Bassat, co-founder and CEO of Seek, and Glenn Poswell, founder of Gannet Capital.

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Crowdmass joins Stardeals team

Crowdmass was launched by young entrepreneurs Ying Wang, David Wei and Tim Wu in May 2010, which has attracted a strong following in Melbourne.

Posted Wed 04/05/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

Daily deal sites take on retailers

Despite continuous reports of flat overall retail spending, sales for group buying and daily deal websites are booming, growing by 280 per cent this financial year, according to IBISWorld.

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Location, location, location

Jumping on the succeeding bandwagon of group buying websites, location-based deals are expected to be the next phenomena in retail marketing, taking advantage of the growing adoption of smart phones.

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Groupon launches in Melbourne

Stardeals negotiates discounts with local businesses allowing its subscribers access to daily email alerting them about the deals.

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DealMe! sheds light on group buying

The team that created the discount online department store has now entered the group buying landscape with the launch of DealMe!.

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Group buying to grow, Groupon enters

The Australian group buying market is currently the fastest growing sector in the online retail space, according to telecoms, media and ICT analyst firm Telsyte.

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Groupon arrives to Australia

Part of the US-based Groupon network, Stardeals will provide subscribers free daily emails alerting them to the deals that are only activated when a minimum number of people agree to buying.

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Cudo heads to NZ

Buying site Cudo will be launching in New Zealand, which will include a media partnership with MediaWorks and the power of ACP NZ magazines.

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$100k in 100 minutes

Group buying company announced it had raised $100,000 in donations for Queensland flood relief in just one afternoon.

Posted Thu 13/01/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

Kudos to Cudo

Buying website is offering retailers the chance to sell to a large audience by taking advantage of its advertising and marketing support.

Posted Mon 15/11/2010 12:00:00 / Read More »

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