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More government guidance: FIA says

The FIA highlights that the government needs to establish a minister to be responsible for the retail sector, particularly given the key role it plays in the Australian economy.

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Govt can afford GST cut on imports

Documents released under FOI revealed that the government was planning to lower the GST importation threshold for overseas purchases from $1000 to $500 in October 2010.

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Fair Imports Alliance has its final say

The Fair Imports Alliance has called for the removal of the $1000 GST threshold as part of its submission to the Productivity Commission's inquiry into the retail sector

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Customs shows its cards

This comes after the Alliance had earlier criticised Customs for withholding the report ahead of deadline for submissions to the Productivity Commissions inquiry into the retail industry.

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Retailers sceptical about Customs

he Fair Imports Alliance is outraged that Customs is withholding a reporting containing the results of a three month crackdown in import rorts.

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No proof, Fair Imports Alliance says

The Fair Imports Alliance has received written admission from the Customs and Border Protection Service that there is no proof to back-up that if the GST threshold was lowered, it would be economically and administratively unfeasible for the government.

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More education funding needed

The Fair Imports Alliance is calling on the federal government to provide specific funding for specialist e-tailing and online education for retailers.

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Consultation needed, Alliance says

The Fair Imports Alliance has raised concerns that the Customs and Border Protection Service's compliance campaign to crackdown on businesses and individuals rorting the importation regulations is lacking industry consultation regarding process.

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Quit now, retail group urges

The Fair Imports Alliance, which represents a collation of retail and wholesale industry associations, has called for an end to the big retailers’ GST campaign.

Posted Wed 19/01/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

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