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Eftpos transactions lift year-on-year

While February eftpos results have declined slightly from January as spending returns to "normal" after the traditional holiday period, the results were still strong.

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Aldi demands banks to be transparent

Aldi has called for Australian banks to prove their net costs are increasing as a result of changes to the eftpos interchange fees.

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Aldi's victory in eftpos case

The Federal Court has recognised that ePAL's plan to change the eftpos fee model may lead to higher debit card surcharges in store.

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Aldi takes ePAL to court

Aldi has demanded for greater transparency in the new multi-lateral interchange fee model for eftpos transactions being introduced on 1 October 2011.

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Eftpos changes to affect retailers, consumers

From October, ePAL will pass the 5 cent interchange fee from consumers’ financial institutions to the banks of retailers where the costs are expected to be passed onto retailers and customers.

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eftpos usage grows steadily

ePAL indicated that eftpos transactions volumes grew from 178.2 million to 180.7 million from April to May.

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ANF urges EPAL to reconsider

The ANF is asking the ederal government and banks to reconsider the new eftpos fees system that was introduced by EPAL in early March.

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Retailers slam EPAL for eftpos fees

The ARA said smaller retailers cannot afford the increased merchant rates and has called on the big banks to absorb costs.

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New eftpos model, new fees

EPAL has announced a new multilateral interchange fee model for eftpos transactions, part of a package of measures to strengthen the competitiveness of the popular system.

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SMEs to make noise on eftpos fees

EPAL board members are made up of representatives of four banks - Commonwealth Banks, National Australia Bank, ANZ, Bendigo Adelaide Bank - indicating that the decisions being made for the eftpos market are bias.

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Talks for a level playing field for eftpos

In a recent meeting, the Payments System Board of the RBA discussed date reporting requirements imposed by international card schemes on some transactions through the eftpos system, and brand fees imposed by one scheme on those transactions.

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Eftpos fees in negotiation

The organisation behind Australia's eftpos payment system has confirmed it is currently in talks with banks, retailers and other industry participants ahead of changes to interchange fees linked to eftpos.

Posted Tue 08/02/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

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