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Thinking with the brain and not the gut

For a long time, marketers would base their marketing strategy on 'gut feeling', but that's now long gone, according to a recent paper released by Deakin University Australia and Pitney Bowes Software.

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Back to Basics

It's time for retailers to go back to the fundamental principles and reclaim the four walls with sensory engagement. Stephen Ogden-Barnes and Danielle Barclay write.

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Retail Engine's sensory store

Retail Engine and Deakin University invited RetailBiz into the sensory store also referred to as the 'future store'.

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Retail qualifications at Deakin Uni

With its extensive availability of research and industry partnerships, Deakin Graduate School of Business has developed tertiary qualifications for the retail industry sector.

Posted Fri 18/11/2011 12:00:00 / Read More »

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