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LeaseEagle is the #1 cloud solution for retail tenants in Australia and New Zealand.

Posted Tue 06/12/2011 03:26:44 / Read More »

Sleek and Modern DigiPoS 'All-In-One' POS terminal

The DigiPoS Toccare AIO POS terminal is the perfect solution for any retailer looking for a sleek, modern and robust POS. The high gloss finish and multi-touch, bezel-free monitor ensures that the Toccare AIO is a welcome addition to any retail store.

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Posted Mon 05/12/2011 07:16:35 / Read More »

Mobile Sales Device

Make sales anywhere, anytime, with a Mini Pos mobile sales device. Great for van sales, markets, tradesmen, or even helping with the Christmas rush!

Posted Thu 24/11/2011 12:05:30 / Read More »

New low price: Pneumatic Cash Tube Systems

Reduce the risk of cash robbery or just move your cash quickly and safely transporting from the checkout to a safe location.

Posted Thu 10/11/2011 03:13:44 / Read More »

How do your CABINET ALARMS perform under pressure!!

Llexan with their partners Pro Loc bring to market an exciting breakthrough in cabinet protection

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Posted Tue 01/11/2011 09:38:49 / Read More »

All in One Handheld Printer Terminal

The IT-9000 is an all-in-one handheld printer terminal. Key features include a thermal printer, NFC reader/writer for contactless smart cards and RFID tags, C-MOS Imager and digital camera.

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Posted Thu 15/03/2012 03:18:32 / Read More »

Convenient and secure: StandLok Counter Displays

Vitag launches a new and innovative anti-theft counter display stand for blister-packaged hang goods. The cost-effective StandLok delivers a patented magnetic locking system providing high-level key security, while offering easily accessible and attractiv

Posted Thu 13/10/2011 05:20:48 / Read More »

Super Rugged 3 metre (10 foot) drop rating

The DT-X8 provides excellent durability: withstands 3.0-metre drops, IP67 dust/splash-proof, and operates at sub-freezing temperatures down to -20°C. Designed in accordance with ISO 13407 human-centred design processes for maximum ergonomics.

Posted Tue 04/10/2011 02:32:11 / Read More »

No Ladder Hanging Frames

No Ladders is a patented hanging system that is safer quicker and easier to use.

Posted Mon 05/09/2011 04:51:21 / Read More »

New and Affordable Security Labels

Vitag launches its range of affordable AM and RF adhesive security labels, so you can now label and secure more of your valuable products. From pharmacies, department and grocery stores, any retailer can benefit from this technology and savings

Posted Fri 15/07/2011 11:55:16 / Read More »

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