Reevoo launches in Australia

Published on Tue, 14/08/2012, 11:00:46


Social commerce provider Reevoo has launched in Australia.

Reevoo’s products and services allow businesses to attract, convert and retain more customers through reviews, recommendations and questions and answers.

Reevo CEO Steven Hurn said the arrival of Reevoo could not be timelier as more bricks and mortar retailers shift to e-commerce.

“While retail is clearly a highly competitive, price-sensitive market, consumers are also looking for peace of mind - they want to ensure they’re making the right purchasing decision,” he said.

“Reevoo empowers and reassures consumers, which directly benefits our clients. Reevoo’s suite of social commerce solutions will add an edge to retailers in a highly competitive market.”

The content can be embedded into a business’s website, mobile platform, its advertising, social media and any other channel.

Reevoo comes to Australia with a long list of globally recognised brands in other regions who testify to the benefit of social commerce and Reevoo in particular. This list includes the likes of Black & Decker, Dixons, Orange and Sony.

With applications across the whole gamut of consumer industries, Reevoo’s key strengths and proven successes include the retail, automotive and travel sectors. Consumer feedback has never been more important in these markets.

“Australians are generally renowned for being early adopters of business trends and this is why we see a great market opportunity for Reevoo in the region. Australian consumers are also noted for demanding a certain level of fairness and this makes Reevoo a perfect fit for the Australian market,” Hurn said.


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