All in One Handheld Printer Terminal

Published on Thu, 15/03/2012, 03:18:32


The IT-9000 is an all-in-one handheld printer terminal equipped with a thermal printer, near field communication (NFC) reader/writer designed for contactless smart cards and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, a C-MOS Imager for scanning 1D and 2D symbologies, a magnetic card reader, 3G wireless WAN capable of high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA), GPS capabilities, and an auto-focus digital camera.


This handheld printer terminal can read data that has been recorded on cards or tags, and symbologies printed on labels or other materials. It can also access databases via wireless WAN, and issue tickets and receipts on the spot. Furthermore, the IT-9000 allows users to send records of issued tickets or receipts, along with images captured with its digital camera, and data such as positional information determined using the GPS function to back office systems.

Designed for superior security, the IT-9000 can be used securely for solutions which require handling of important information. If the handheld printer terminal is lost or stolen, data stored internally can be erased remotely via a command sent by an administrator over a wireless WAN.
Furthermore, the NFC reader/writer can be used to verify an operator's login status with a contactless smart card, and secure access module (SAM) slots are available onboard for use if even higher security is required.

The IT-9000 features a 9.4-centimeter (3.7-inch) video graphics array (VGA) touch panel fitted with a Blanview LCD that realizes excellent visibility both indoors and outdoors with low power consumption. The model is compliant with IP54 dustproof and splashproof standards, and its casing can withstand a drop of up to 1.5 metres, making it suitable for uses in a wide variety of settings.

Features include

  • Thermal printer enables issuance of tickets, receipts, and other documents on the spot
  • Features GPS and HSDPA-capable 3G wireless WAN with high-speed data transfer up to 7.2Mbps downstream
  • The 802.11b/g standard wireless LAN is useful for sending and receiving data in offices
  • Equipped with an NFC reader/writer for contactless smart cards and ISO 15693 approved RFID tags
  • The C-MOS Imager can read 1D and 2D symbologies with high speed and accuracy
  • Fitted with a 2.0-megapixel digital camera with an auto focus function
  • Includes a magnetic card reader for membership cards,credit cards and other cards

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