TorchMedia assists supermarket with online ads

Published on Mon, 20/02/2012, 01:28:12


TorchMedia has partnered with Woolworths to offer the retailer online advertising solutions and sampling through its online shopping portal.

According to the company, FMCG’s biggest challenge is communicating with the shopper audience in a competitive environment.

Kirsty Dollisson, TorchMedia marketing and commercial, said the formats available enable brands to connect with the shopper immediately prior to purchase perfectly complementing our in-store media offering.

“Advertising solutions on the online shopping website include banner advertising on the main homepage which stays visible throughout the online shopping experience and banners on department pages” she said.

Advertising can also be integrated with high involvement pages, for example featured recipes which enable shopper to add all products involved in the recipe to their basket with one click. Featured recipes also gain exposure via the e-newsletter which is distributed weekly.

“The e-newsletter itself is a great platform to educate, inform or direct shoppers to a particular section of the site. For example e-newsletter product features which include product image and information can help generate awareness and deliver direct sales results.”

TochMedia is also helping Woolworths distribute samples, both shelf-stable and perishable, via its online distribution network. The sampling can be targeted to specific shoppers via products or categories or comprehensive (mass) sampling.

“The key strength of the Woolworths online channel is the ability for brands to connect with shoppers online and most importantly – at the point of purchase,” Dollisson said.


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