Video Ezy launches flashy loyalty program

Published on Thu, 26/05/2011, 03:55:32


Video Ezy is boosting its competitiveness with the introduction of its home entertainment reward and loyalty program, Flash Rewards.

According to Video Ezy, Flash Rewards will fill a gap in the market, providing instant and only entertainment-focused rewards such as savings on movies, music, food, magazines and books.

Paul Uniacke, Video Ezy Australia owner and director, said the company is responding to Australians who are known to be the largest consumers of home rental per capita in the world through the enhancement of its customer relationship management and point-of-sale systems.

“So when someone joins Flash Rewards, they can then rent from any participating Video Ezy Store and access their flash benefits without the need to sign up with each store every time,” he said.

Through the new rewards program, the company will have access to information about its customers from what day, time, type of movie is being rented through to whether a Coke or Mars Bar was purchased. Using this information, Video Ezy will have the ability to send more personalised emails via email or SMS to their customers.

“Having access to powerful and rich data also gives Video Ezy a leading advantage over its competitors,” Uniacke said.

“That puts us in a fairly powerful position to run highly targeted programs that some companies dream of doing.  We have the ability to do this with over six million customers tomorrow.”

There are already over 11,000 customers signed up to Flash Rewards since mid-April, existing members that upgrade.


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