Online catalogues for Telstra customers

Published on Thu, 09/12/2010, 01:30:15


By Aimee Chanthadavong

Telstra T-Hub customers will now have access to catalogues including Target, Snooze and Toys R Us as part of an exclusive deal with retail marketing specialist CC Media.

CC Media’s Catalogue Central will be extending its reach to more customers in the lead up to Christmas as part of this new partnership initiated by Telstra.

CC Media founder and CEO Rob Wong told Retailbiz it’s important for retailers to invest in a multi-channel approach to catalogue distribution rather than just the traditional physical drop.

“More and more people are accessing content in a variety of ways and on a number of devices. A paper catalogue is one of retails most potent marketing devices. We have proven that an online catalogue has the same or better marketing qualities as paper when presented online,” he said.

“Making the online version more accessible especially on a devise like the T-Hub simply makes it more convenient for consumers and faster for retailer to get their message across.”

He also said this partnership will be most advantageous for the retailers.

“It means their retail content will be front of house on the hundreds of thousands of T-Hubs that due to be sold over the next few years. For those customers who purchase a T-Hub it will be like having catalogues on tap. They won’t have to be picking up  soggy paper catalogues anymore, like many Christmas shoppers have had to this summer with all the rain we’ve been having,” Wong said.




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